The Right People. The Right Infrastructure.
The Right Location.


photo of Etowah community members and CEO Keith Phillips

The City of Etowah and McMinn County are home to an industrious workforce with a welcoming spirit and pro-business environment. The people of this great region were a key part of our decision to select East Tennessee for the site of Tennessee Lithium, which is being planned to occupy 279 acres in the North Etowah Industrial Park, adjacent to Highway 411 and Highway 30.

Along with excellent access to infrastructure, including rail, road, and river transportation, the project site is located in the heart of America’s Battery Belt, where automotive and battery plants are being constructed by prospective customers. Tennessee is the number one producer of electric vehicles in the Southeast U.S.¹, with many key players in the electrification industry, including Ford, LG Chem, and Volkswagen, calling the Volunteer State home.

In addition to being a critical hub for the electrification industry, Tennessee is a reasonable distance from our global headquarters in North Carolina. 

We are committed to being a good corporate neighbor in Etowah and McMinn County. As we put down our roots, we are designing our project to help support local nonprofits, education, the expansion of county services through tax revenues, and the creation of opportunities for new and existing businesses.

¹ Tennessee Department of Economic & Community Development. 2023. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing