Holding Ourselves to High Standards

We are committed to creating a culture that empowers people to work safely, care for each other, and do the right thing.  

Our Piedmont Promise is the foundation of our Safety, Environment, & Health policy – which is our pledge to operate our facilities safely and with responsible environmental stewardship. It serves as an expectation on which our employees, neighbors, stakeholders, and the community can rely.  

We emphasize working the safe way, not the easy way, as we uphold our commitments. 

Nine key activities are being prioritized to help ensure our commitments to safety, the environment, and health are reflected in our planned Tennessee Lithium operation.

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Incorporate Safety, Environment, & Health into our business strategy and processes.  

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Design, operate, and maintain our facilities and processes in a way that protects our people, the environment, and community. 

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Encourage full engagement and empower employees by making Safety, Environment, & Health everyone’s 100% responsibility: 1 employee, 0 incidents, 0 failures = 100%. 

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Provide necessary resources, including, but not limited to: appropriate equipment, tools, training, and support to our employees to meet and exceed Safety, Environment, & Health expectations and requirements.  

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Develop and maintain Safety, Environment, & Health management systems that foster continuous improvement.  

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Proactively eliminate Safety, Environment, & Health risks.  

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Work with contractors and suppliers who share our Safety, Environment, & Health values.  

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Be an employer for all with respect to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

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Comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards, and facilitate transparent assessment and reporting of Safety, Environment, & Health requirements.  

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