Our Carolina Lithium project is being designed with modern technologies and practices that will play a critical role in helping reduce noise, traffic, and dust for nearby residents. 

We intend to minimize the use of heavy haul trucks by investing millions of dollars in modern, electronic-powered, enclosed conveyor belts to transport material throughout our site. 

We believe this system – combined with our commitment to maximize delivery of materials by rail through a connection to CSX in Cherryville – will require fewer trucks, resulting in less traffic, noise, and dust compared to other operations. 

We also plan to use environmentally safe dust control technology and practices to help ensure air quality.  

Setbacks, land buffers, and protective berms between the site and public roads, schools, homes, and businesses should further minimize impacts. 

photo of enclosed conveyor belt
An example of the enclosed, electric conveyor belts being planned for Carolina Lithium